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Hodgson Artistries was created by Michelle Hodgson in 2018. Michelle is an artist that works and lives in Durham Region, Ontario. She works mainly in acrylic paint and photography, but also works in illustration, linocut, watercolour, and multimedia. Recently she has been working with her mother Wendy on a clothing line, creating scarves, wraps and ponchos.

She grew up in Millbrook Ontario, a small town outside Peterborough where she would explore the surrounding area with her family. They would travel around southern Ontario camping and boating along the Trent Severn Waterway and Lake Ontario. Her family owns a cottage on Canal Lake which influences Michelle's art. Landscapes are a main theme in her art and are influenced by the places she grew up and travels to as an adult. Her influences include Tom Thomson and the Group Of Seven, Monet, J.M.W. Turner, and Edward Burtynsky.

Michelle Studies visual art at York University graduating in 2012 with a Bachelor of Fine Art with Honers, where she focused on painting and photography while minoring in human and environmental geography. Through her studies at York Michelle developed a new perspective on the landscapes and people she was inspired by. Her painted portraits are often of pop culture icons that influenced her and are in a pop art style. Influenced by the pop art greats, her pieces convey a piece of the icon's spirit through the use of colour and line. She also uses her photography to create portraits that capture a moment of emotion or passion.